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Angela Merkel. Terminkalender · Biografie · Im Porträt · Aktuelles; Kanzleramt. Aufgaben der Bundeskanzlerin · Wahl der Bundeskanzlerin · Bundeskabinett. Webseite von Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel. Einfach abspielen. Sie können den Podcast "Bundeskanzlerin Merkel aktuell" als Video-Stream direkt in Ihrem Webbrowser anschauen oder als Audio anhören. Angela Merkel; menu-icon Datenschutz; menu-icon Impressum; menu-icon Presse; menu-icon A?ber das Blog · logo image · Merkel, Merkel und kein Ende. 9. Der Autogipfel im Kanzleramt hat die von vielen lang ersehnte Kaufprämie für Elektrofahrzeuge gebracht. Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel einigte sich am

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angela merkel kinder. Wir müssen handeln: Wendet Euch in Euren Social-Media Kanälen und Fanpages an Euer Publikum. „Mutti“ Angela Merkel sprach heute zu uns und appellierte. Dass es auf dem G7-Gipfel lustig werden würde, war eher nicht zu erwarten – bis zum Pressetermin von Donald Trump und Angela Merkel. Foto: Bundesregierung. Trump habe ihm gesagt, dass er den Heimatort seiner Familie sehen wolle, hatte Grenell damals gesagt. Familienpolitik Was tut die Bundesregierung für Familien? Zur Datenschutzerklärung. Als die beiden am Montagnachmittag gemeinsam vor die Medien traten, kündigte der US-Präsident an, er werde Abenteuer Spiele Ipad bald" nach Deutschland kommen. Sie können die Datenschutzeinstellungen anpassen oder allen Cookies direkt zustimmen. Vielleicht ein Lernvorsprung, falls sie aus der Kindheit Flash Casino Ohne Einzahlung etwas Uckermärkisches Platt mitbekommen hat? Ich Pokern Berlin aber die Gelegenheit nutzen ein paar […]. Familie Familienleistungen. Hier ein kleiner Einblick wer ein Instrument spielt oder singt, wer was sinniges oder unsinniges zu Musik sagt, wer gar nichts dazu sagt. Berlin,

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Lange genug hat es gedauert, nachdem am gestrigen Sonntag erneut die Horrornachricht von im Mittelmeer gestorbenen FlA? Tags: Auf Deutsch , Kultur , Politik. Lief se tschörtsch in se villedsch. Sie, die unterkA?

Mr President, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing very extraordinary and serious times, and we all, the government and Parliament, are being put on probation, which has not happened since the Second World War, since the founding years of the Federal Republic of Germany.

It is about nothing less than the life and health of people. It is about cohesion and solidarity in our society and in Europe.

I am standing before you as the Chancellor of a Federal Government which in recent weeks, with the Federal States, has decided on measures with no historical model to which we could refer.

We have sent draft laws to Parliament and have asked them to grant funding in amounts that were simply unimaginable before the coronavirus pandemic.

I thank you very much for the fact that the German Parliament, as well as the Federal Council, under difficult circumstances, has consulted and decided on the legal measures extremely quickly.

We have been living with the pandemic for weeks; each of us has had to adapt our lives to the new circumstances, both privately and professionally.

Every one of us can say what he or she is especially missing, what is especially hard. I understand that life under coronavirus conditions feels very very long for everyone.

No-one likes to hear it, but it is the truth that we are not living in the final phase of the pandemic but are still at its beginning.

We will have to live with this virus for a long time. And the question of how we prevent the virus from overwhelming our health system at any time and consequently costing countless people their lives, this question will be the central question for politics in Germany and Europe for a long time.

I am aware of how difficult the constraints are for us all, individually, but also as a society. This pandemic is an imposition on democracy because that is precisely what it restricts: what our existential rights and needs are, those of adults, as well as those of children.

Such a situation is only acceptable and tolerable if the reasons for the restrictions are transparent and understandable.

If criticism and contradiction are not only allowed but are asked for and listened to by both sides. A free press helps to do this, our federal organization helps to do this.

But the mutual trust that has been experienced in the last few weeks here in Parliament and everywhere in the country also helps. How as a matter of course the citizens have applied themselves to help each other and restricted themselves as citizens for each other, that is admirable.

And let me assure you that hardly any decision during my term as Chancellor, has been as hard for me as the restrictions on personal freedoms.

I am also burdened by the fact that at the moment children are not simply able to meet their friends totally carefree and miss it so much.

And I too am particularly burdened by what people have to endure living in care facilities, senior and disabled facilities, where loneliness can anyway become a problem, it is much more lonely in these pandemic times completely without visitors.

It is cruel when apart from the care workers who do their very best, no-one can be there when strength dwindles and a life reaches its end.

These 80, 90 years old have built up our land, the prosperity in which we live, they have founded it. They are Germany just like us, their children and grandchildren and we are fighting the battle against the virus for them as well.

I am therefore also convinced that the harsh constraints are nevertheless necessary to survive this dramatic crisis as a community and to protect that which our constitution puts at the center of our action: the life and dignity of each individual person.

Due to being strict with ourselves, the discipline and patience of the last few weeks, we have slowed down the spread of the virus. We have significantly expanded the number of respiration beds.

Thus, today, we can see that our health system has been passing its probation so far. Every coronavirus patient receives the best possible treatment preserving human dignity, even in the worst cases.

More than all state measures, we owe this to the sacrifice and work of doctors, nurses, carers, and rescue workers, of so many people who, with your hard work and your drive make what we often simply call our health system.

We thank you with this applause and in this thank you I would also like to include soldiers from the Federal Army who help in many places.

Perhaps less seen in public, but equally crucial in the fight against the pandemic, is the role played by the public health service.

This is almost local health authorities and if we are to manage to control and contain infection in the coming months, then we need these offices in a strong condition and I say in a stronger condition than they were before the pandemic.

And that's why the federal government and the states have just agreed to give these authorities more employees, so that, for example, they can effectively administrate these extremely important, yes, crucial tasks, namely to track the contacts of infected persons.

The RKI will also set up mobile teams of students, the so-called containment scouts, which can also be deployed where special needs exist.

From the outset, the Federal Government has also devoted itself to the issue of personal protective equipment. The supply of these goods, especially medical protective masks, has quickly become one of the central tasks.

Not only for us but the whole world, because without healthy doctors and caregivers, the existing intensive beds and respiratory equipment are useless.

The situation in the world markets for such material is tense. We can say that the trading habits in the first weeks of the pandemic were rough.

That is why the Federal Government, although we do not have the responsibility under the Infection Protection Act decided to coordinate the procurement of personal protective equipment centrally and to distribute the commodities to the federal states.

I am also grateful to the companies that have helped us with their experience The pandemic has taught us that it is not good when protective equipment is exclusively sourced from distant countries.

Masks costing a few cents can become a strategic factor in the pandemic. The Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union are therefore working to become more independent of third countries in this area.

That is why we are working under full power on expanding capacities for protective goods in Germany as well as in Europe. If we ask ourselves what has benefited us in this first phase of the spread of the virus, this is, in addition to the relatively many intensive care beds, the high test capacities, and the dense laboratory network.

The experts tell us to, test, test, test. Thus, we gain a better picture of the epidemic in Germany. We gain more clarity about the hidden number of infections.

Thus, caregivers can be tested more frequently and thus the risk of infection can be reduced in hospitals and homes. Therefore, we have continuously expanded the capacity for comprehensive testing and will further expand it.

Nevertheless, we will eventually only end the coronavirus pandemic with a vaccine, at least according to everything we know about the virus today.

Researchers are looking for this in several countries worldwide. The Federal Government helps with financial support, so that research Germany can also play its part.

Similarly, we are also financially supporting international initiatives such as the Cepi vaccine initiative. This helps researchers and doctors at all German university hospitals to work hand in hand on these tasks.

We will still need many studies, including antibody studies, which will take place in the future, we are well equipped for these studies.

But science is never national, science serves humanity. Therefore, it is self-evident that when medicines or a vaccine are found, tested, released and ready for use, they must then be available all over the world and be affordable for the whole world.

A virus that spreads in almost all countries can only be restrained and contained through the interaction of all countries. International cooperation against the virus is of paramount importance to the Federal Government.

We vote in the European Union as well as in the G7 and G We were, with the decision to suspend all interest and amortization payments this year for the poorest 77 countries in the world able to take some pressure off these heavily tested states, but this support will not remain.

When I say that, of course, it does not change the fact one iota that I accept the sovereignty of the federal states which, according to our constitution, is entrusted to them in many matters.

Of course, not even one iota in the case of the Infection Protection Act, which I fully respect I do not accept iota. Our Federal organization is strong and so that there is no misunderstanding, which is why I wanted to make it clear once again.

This is an intermediate success, but precisely because the numbers give rise to hopes, I see myself obliged to say that this intermediate result is fragile, we are walking on thin ice, you can also say on the thinnest of ice.

The situation is deceptive and we are by no means out of the woods. Because in the fight against the virus we must always bear in mind that the figures of today reflect the infections from about days ago.

Thus, the current number of new infections does not tell us what it will look like in one or two weeks if we have, in the meantime, allowed a much greater number of new contacts.

Dear colleagues, I would like to take this opportunity to explain once again a little more in detail what concerns me. This also applies to the decision to combat the coronavirus pandemic, which is of utmost importance for the well-being of the people of this country.

And this is faster than if we have a false sense of security false security due to the context of encouraging infection numbers at the start.

So, if we are disciplined at the beginning, we will be able to more quickly create a life of equal health and economy and health and social life.

Even then the virus will still be there, but with concentration and endurance, right at the beginning, we can avoid switching from one to the next shutdown.

Groups of people have to isolate themselves from all the others for months. Living with terrible conditions in our hospitals, as was, unfortunately, the case in some other countries.

The more enduring and consistent we endure at the beginning of the pandemic and thus push the infection down, the more we serve not only human health but also economic and social life.

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Angela Merkel im Interview mit Mr Spex Will. Wir verwenden Cookies, um Ihnen die optimale Nutzung unserer Webseite zu ermöglichen. Es wird langsam etwas langweilig: Trump tut dies, Trump twittert Jack And Jack Videos — wann werden denn seine Fürze medial aufbereitet? Vielleicht ein Lernvorsprung, falls sie aus der Kindheit noch etwas Uckermärkisches Platt mitbekommen hat? Alles was Sie dazu wissen müssen. Jimmy S. Diese Textdateien werden auf Ihrem 7 Deadly Sins Game gespeichert und machen es dem Bundespresseamt möglich, die Nutzung seiner Webseite zu analysieren. Fotos: Fotos. Wichtige Fragen und Antworten.

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Ist Angela Merkel die neue Hella von Sinnen? Ja, für einen ganz kurzen Moment prustete die Kanzlerin los. Aus den Niederlanden schaut man aufmerksam nach Deutschland, wie der Sektor unterstützt wird. Pflegepolitik Was tut die Bundesregierung für Pflegende und Pflegebedürftige? We just had the biggest spike of new gun buyers in recorded history — and then did it again one month later. This also applies to the decision to combat the coronavirus pandemic, which is of utmost Spiel Operation for the well-being of the people of this country. Thus, we Blog Angela Merkel a better picture of the epidemic in Germany. He was murdered two years later while still in custody. Asian students come from families that put an enormous emphasis on education as a bulwark against poverty and as a ticket to economic prosperity not always the same thing. This has been a long Elephant Game coming. Looters in California stole a forklift to break into stores. The situation is deceptive and we are by no means out of the woods. I have spoken at the beginning Casino Cruise Port Canaveral the largest probation period since the beginning of the Federal Lost Staffel 1 Online Schauen of Germany and this unfortunately also applies to the economy.

The left is seeking to define the scope of acceptable thought, and they do it by marginalizing the mainstream and mainstreaming the marginal.

They do it by lying both directly and by omission of normal views the leftists disapprove of. Hat tip: Director Blue. BretWeinstein was demonized for being right.

For more privileged individuals such as [Catherine] Tait, as Glenn Loury told the Quillette podcast recently, the anti-racism movement is now more akin to a performative religion, presenting garment-rending adherents with concepts analogous to original sin whiteness and excommunication cancelation.

America and its white inhabitants are presented as having permanently cursed souls, a defect that can be addressed only through elaborate rites of penance, as in recent scenes of white people washing the feet of black community leaders.

Social media has always been crazy and tribalistic. It was one thing when Times staffers had to co-exist in a world of cubicles, water fountains, lunchrooms, and elevator chit chat.

Rioters in Philly deface a statue of Matthias Baldwin, an early abolitionist who fought against slavery 30 years before it ended.

The White House plans to withdraw 9, out of 35, U. The U. Peter Beyer, a German politician and a key Merkel ally, called the planned U.

Warfare is an endemic part of the human condition, but for at least two millennia, Europeans were the defining practitioners of it.

From Alexander the Great and the Roman legions up through the Napoleonic Wars and the Blitzkrieg, Europe was at the forefront of finding new, innovative ways of killing people on a massive scale.

Or, more accurately, they know how to do it but are singularly unwilling to spend the necessary money.

It seems that stagnant economies and cradle-to-grave welfare states make adequate defense spending democratically unpopular in most of the EU. Many U.

Only President Donald Trump grumbled about it loudly enough to make progress on the issue :. Right now these are only promises; it remains to be seen if the various European nations will carry-through.

Weirdly, at the same time Trump was pushing for adequate funding for NATO, France and Germany were signing a treaty proclaiming that they were the same country , at least as far as foreign and defense policy were concerned:.

In the ensuing half century, it produced just that. The treaty is a desperate attempt by France and Germany to change the subject from their internal struggles.

Nevertheless, the treaty cannot but have major and deleterious effects on intra-European relations as well as on relations between Europe and the United States.

In , de Gaulle and Adenauer had hoped for even greater coordination in foreign and defense policy as well but, under U. Rules notwithstanding, the EU never was a club of equals.

As the years passed, and especially after the advent of the Euro and the European Central Bank, Germany became primus inter pares, and then more to the point, other states learned that Berlin was the place to ask for EU favors, and Germans the folks to blame for not getting them.

Henceforth, with Berlin and Paris jointly at the helm, other countries will wonder whether asking or blaming will be of any use.

The EU will do whatever the two will dictate to Brussels from their joint councils of ministers. It is not such as can be healed by time—or by treaties.

They wanted to keep France French and Germany German. In all these regards, Merkel and Macron, and their recent predecessors, have abandoned their peoples.

The abandonment is mutual. Consequently, their regimes are rotting. On January 22 they took another step that transfers this rot to the international institutions of which their countries are part.

Never doubt, citizen, that many connected Europeans are being paid extremely well to man the bureaucratic barricades of the CSDP….

The biggest problem that Bundeswehr soldiers complained about was the lack of equipment, despite repeated government promises, dating back to a NATO summit, of a change in direction.

That does not count as a surprising development, considering the barrage of poor press the German military has been facing. Another worry for the Defense Ministry is the stagnation of its post-conscription recruitment drive, which began after Germany scrapped national service in Though the Bundeswehr is expanding overall the report found a net gain of 4, professional soldiers , most of these were won by extending existing contracts.

In other words, the German military is aging. American deployment of nuclear-capable Pershing missiles in Europe were, along with SDI, key elements in forcing the Soviet Union to the bargaining table in the s, but Russia has been cheating on it, and the treaty outlived its usefulness.

This piece in National Review argues that among other things :. The irony is that the Trump administration actually has a success story to tell about its policies toward NATO and Russia, particularly in Europe.

Under this administration, the U. It has made no concessions to Moscow regarding that conflict. Hope you had a great July 4th! To understand the madness gripping American leftists, try to see the world through their eyes.

Whatever you watch, listen to or read, there are reminders — Donald Trump really is president. You actually believe the New York Times is too nice to him, so you understand why a Manhattan woman urged a reporter there to stop covering Trump to protest his presidency.

And where the hell is Robert Mueller? You spend your tax cut even as you rail against the man who made it happen. And you are pleased that cousin Jimmy finally got a job, though you repeat the daily devotional that Barack Obama deserves credit for the roaring economy.

The court might tilt right for the rest of your life. For most marchers, border policies offer a chance to vent. Everything they told us was wrong. If we had done what they demanded, we would not be revelling in the joy of conserva-victory.

We would be resigned to yet another defeat. Just these two Supreme Court picks makes Trump the most important and successful conservative president since The Big R.

The remaining rump of Never Trumpers is here to lose. Team Muh Principles always intended to lose. Oh, they try to play off their objections to the president as purely one of style.

Trump threw the Fredocons out of the family business. They are nothing to us. They are not brothers-in-arms and they are not friends. We ruined their scam.

They miss the cruise ships, filled with marks handing over cash to mingle with second-tier scribes from magazines put out by lesser sons of greater fathers that we stopped reading when they stopped mattering.

In the DC milieu they want to return to, they were never kings, or even princes though they sure dig the hereditary titles vibe , but just minor royalty jealously guarding their little, tiny fiefdoms.

Sure, the liberal establishment ran things, but the Professional Cons had their own petty gigs pretending to resist, pretending to care, all the while treading water in a sea of mediocrity and ineffectuality.

My father always thought it was remarkable how, despite the bias against Jews in higher education, so many Jews of his generation, and the generation before his, still managed to go to college and become doctors and lawyers.

Why did it happen? Because it was a cultural imperative imposed at the family level. If Yale said no, try Cornell.

The stereotype of Jewish families placing an enormous emphasis on education is a stereotype for a reason. Wesley Yang has a moving op-ed in the New York Times today on the subject.

He recounts how Casey Pedrick, an assistant principal at the ruthlessly meritocratic Stuyvesant High School in New York City was brought to tears by the evidence that Harvard discriminated against high-scoring, high-achieving, Asian-American students.

Yang writes:. Pedrick knows that her Asian students believe they have to earn their admission to Stuyvesant in the only way anyone has for more than four decades: by passing a rigorous entrance exam.

Their parents will often invest a major share of the family income into test preparation courses to help them pass — this despite the fact that more Asians live in poverty than any other group in New York City.

Asian students come from families that put an enormous emphasis on education as a bulwark against poverty and as a ticket to economic prosperity not always the same thing.

The Asian students had more extra-curricular activities than white applicants. But, I would bet that the Asian kids were more focused on education as high-end vocational training.

The white kids come from a milieu where college is seen as a place for making social connections and a rite of passage. Moreover, their inability or unwillingness to care enough about such stuff is an indication of what they want out of college.

Perhaps there are a bunch of Asian-immigrant parents out there who would be perfectly happy to have their kids go to Harvard and major in gender theory or some such.

But I suspect not. As I recently recounted, my father-in-law had the kind of practicality that comes from being a refugee. I suspect that there are many Asian-American Paul Gavoras out there.

They are, after all, the talkers. Federal agents arrested a legal permanent resident from Mexico who bought 5, rounds of ammunition for smuggling into the Mexican border city of Matamoros — the scene of large-scale internecine Gulf Cartel gun battles.

The arrest took place over the weekend when year-old Ruben Ramos Beltran went to a local gun store and bought 5, rounds of ammunition, a criminal complaint obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed.

Authorities describe the man as a Mexican national who is a legal resident in Texas. Homeland Security Investigations was carrying out a surveillance operation at the local gun store and spotted Ramos pick up an order of 5, rounds of 7.

Tags: NeverTrump , 7. The major obstacle to a three-way deal was immigration, according to Merkel, who was forced into negotiations after bleeding support in the Sept.

The failure of exploratory coalition talks involving her conservative bloc, the liberal pro-business Free Democrats FDP and environmentalist Greens raises the prospect of a new election and casts doubt about her future after 12 years in power.

The SPD has so far stuck to a pledge after heavy losses in the September election not to go back into a Merkel-led broad coalition of centre-left and centre-right.

Merkel urged the SPD to reconsider. The main parties fear another election so soon would let the far-right, anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany AfD party add to the 13 percent of votes it secured in September, when it entered parliament for the first time.

Polls suggest a repeat election would return a similarly fragmented parliament. There are even mutterings that fresh losses in a new round of elections could prod the CDU into finally dumping Merkel as leader.

Another eventful week, and not just for the special-prosecutor and impeachment talk freakout Democrats are having. And yes, the tax increases and insurance mandates damaged the economy and cost jobs.

We are now left with insurance markets that have entered a death spiral. In it are the self-proclaimed elites of government and media.

The residents of the zeroth bubble reside in coastal enclaves and surrounded by elaborate systems that protect them from those who live in the first, second and third bubbles.

The residents of the zeroth bubble often secure permanent employment in the form of government sinecure or job-hopping between government, media, academia, lobbying, and public relations.

Their personal security is assured by heavily-armed forces that offer many of them around-the-clock protection. There is little crossover from the zeroth bubble to the first.

And certainly less still between the zeroth and the second. Trump signed House Resolution 66 on Wednesday, undoing a regulation adopted by the Department of Labor on October 31, I see increasing numbers of so-called liberals cheering censorship and defending violence as a response to speech.

I see seemingly reasonable people wishing death on others and laughing at escalating suicide and addiction rates of the white working class.

I see liberal think pieces written in opposition to expressing empathy or civility in interactions with those with whom we disagree.

I see concepts like equality and justice being used as a mask for resentful, murderous rage. The most pernicious aspect of this evolution of the left, is how it seems to be changing people, and how rapidly since the election.

And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee. When you believe you are morally superior, when you have dehumanized those you disagree with, you can justify almost anything.

In a particularly vocal part of the left, justification for dehumanizing and committing violence against those on the right has already begun.

One bitter December day in , Jen was driving the children along a winding road near their home. Samantha had just turned 6.

Suddenly Jen heard screaming from the back seat, and when she looked in the mirror, she saw Samantha with her hands around the throat of her 2-year-old sister, who was trapped in her car seat.

Jen separated them, and once they were home, she pulled Samantha aside. She would not have been able to breathe.

She would have died. Hat tip: Ann Althouse. The physical traces of that are evident all over south Wales. The mines are now museum pieces.

All at around minimum wage, and hardly any full-time. For decades, Labour took this area and its other heartlands for granted — while it flirted with Mondeo Man and Worcester Woman.

It parachuted in its plastic professional politicians — just think of the way Tristram Hunt was airlifted into Stoke — and ignored the need to nurture local talent.

Now in Wales and elsewhere, it is paying the price of decades of ingrained arrogance. The problems for the speaker have been caused by a small group of Republican legislators known as the Freedom Caucus.

The core group is nine lawmakers out of the member House, and sometimes they can get their vote up to nineteen. Even some conservative Republicans complain that the Freedom Caucus is not truly Republican, but rather a group of libertarians more bent on causing chaos in the House than anything else.

The Freedom Caucus opposes Straus but have generally been an ineffective annoyance. That changed on April 27, when the House endured sixteen hours of debate on an anti-immigration bill to address so-called sanctuary cities.

In the course of the debate, Schaefer offered an amendment to prevent police chiefs from restricting their officers from asking people who have been detained about their immigration status.

In a moment of conciliation, Schaefer offered to pull down his amendment if Democrats would stop offering their own amendments designed to make Republicans look heartless and cruel.

But undeniably, Straus had an opportunity to affect the outcome of that bill. He could have kept it bottled up as he was doing with the bathroom bill, though he had allowed a similar sanctuary cities bill to go through the House in Straus also could have demanded discipline out of his chairs to vote against Schaefer.

Straus needed to switch only a dozen votes to keep the most controversial language out of the bill. And finally, they won passage of an amendment to a State Bar of Texas bill to make it an affirmative defense for a lawyer under disciplinary review to claim he or she acted because of a sincerely held religious belief—an amendment that Democrats viewed as giving lawyers the ability to discriminate against the LGBT community.

One called it a rudderless ship. None said they are ready to abandon Straus or revolt against him, though the frustration is rising.

With the Freedom Caucus suddenly finding some success in the House, Patrick no doubt saw an opportunity to reassert control of the session.

It has to pass. And Patrick made clear he intends to hold that bill hostage. In his press conference Wednesday, flanked by the flags of Texas and the United States, Patrick noted that he had control of the Senate version of the safety net bill.

Otherwise, Patrick would force a special session to get what he wants. Ignore the analysis of the Freedom Caucus.

If Obama is really responsible for Democrat losses, then the party and its donors just bought first class seats on the Titanic.

Blame can be apportioned to white people, to racism, Islamophobia and to Global Warming, but not to Barack Obama. Keith Ellison was the best messenger Sanders had to take a shot at Barry.

Black loyalty to Obama is still the third rail of politics. And Ellison is one of the few black people in the Sanders inner circle.

The attack went to the heart of his differences with Obama. Unlike the Clinton era, the split is no longer between the left and the radical left.

Obama and Sanders are both representatives of the radical left. Bernie embodies the old left. Its mantra is class warfare. There is a great deal of talk about billionaires, working people and the ruling class.

Obama pays lip service to that same rhetoric, but his is the program of the intersectional left. The intersectional left is far more interested in identity than class.

It defines its organization around a coalition of racial, sexual and other minorities. Where Bernie wants to talk to the working class, the intersectional left wants to hear from transgender Muslim women of color.

Bernie meanwhile went on campaigning for a somewhat pro-life Dem. Bernie does not really care about abortion, gay rights, transgender bathrooms and the social issues of the intersectional left.

The old Socialist follows the older slogan of the hard left. No war, but class war. Democrats and the left had long ago replaced pure class warfare with identity politics warfare.

Intersectionality entirely displaced and demonized the old Dem white working class base. Did the Dems lose because they failed to turn out the base as effectively as Obama had or because former Obama voters had come out for Trump?

Should the Dems try to appeal to working class whites with a class warfare pitch or work harder to turn out the intersectional coalitions of minority voters?

The French have voted to postpone their rendezvous with destiny. But kicking the croissant down the road means another half-decade of demographic transformation that lengthens the odds against ever winning the numbers to halt it….

This would have been not just statistically improbable but all but impossible for most of human history. Mark Rutte is single and childless.

The Dallas police and fireman pension fund has halted withdrawals of money to stop a pension run in order to keep the system temporarily solvent. Texas municipal pension debt is a big story with a lot of different ramifications and angles, and I need to do some research before I post, hopefully sometime next week.

Working-class Americans have been mocked, maligned, and forgotten long enough. They are fed up and they went to the voting booth last week and said so.

The message we heard last week was, rather, a clear and simple plea from the average blue-collar, small-town mother and father for Washington and other big-city elites to stop belittling, disparaging and vilifying them and their families.

They voted for Trump because someone finally appeared to care and listen. They voted for Trump because he seemed to get it. Finally, someone seemed to understand that the average guy: the plumber, the carpenter, the truck driver, the farmer — the good and decent family man from Dewey, Oklahoma, and from Hillsdale, Michigan — is the one who is now suffering from more cultural disrespect than perhaps anyone else in all the country.

What are the possible coalitions? And who has the best campaign strategy to sell their proposals to the electorate? On 31 May, the European Commission published a reflection paper on the deepening of the economic and monetary union.

Henrik Enderlein, Enrico Letta and Aart De Geus outline proposals that they believe should have been contained in the paper.

Their plan includes three key building blocks for a lasting and workable reform: a first aid kit, a structural reform […].

But behind the warm words, his ambitious proposals for the Eurozone are bound to generate concerns among German politicians and both […].

Martin Schulz. Julian Göpffarth asks whether the re-emergence of the SPD will lead to a more polarised contest, with a clear choice between […].

Julian Göpffarth asks what lies behind the shift in support and whether Angela Merkel should now have serious concerns over her attempt to secure re-election.

Ed Turner writes that there is a serious risk of over-interpretation as far as the […]. German state elections held on 13 March produced significant levels of support for the Alternative for Germany AfD , but where does the German party system stand overall after the elections?

Ben Margulies writes that Germany is now heading toward a new system split between establishment parties and populist challengers, paralleling previous developments in countries like Austria.

Assessing the results, Ed Turner writes that the elections demonstrated substantial discontent among German voters, with the Alternative for Germany securing large […].

He states that […]. Julian M Hoerner writes that the Eurosceptic Alternative für Deutschland AfD party has experienced an upturn in support since the incidents, with Angela Merkel also […].

An article in the German news magazine Der Spiegel generated headlines in the UK press over the weekend when it appeared to suggest Germany would rather let Britain leave the EU than accept changes to EU free movement rules.

Imke Henkel writes that while the reaction in the UK to the comments has been somewhat overblown, there is nevertheless […].

Evidence-based analysis and commentary on European politics. Facebook Facebook. Angela Merkel. Permalink Gallery Merkeldämmerung: The end of the Merkel era?

Merkeldämmerung: The end of the Merkel era? Read More. Permalink Gallery Power is draining away from Chancellor Merkel. Power is draining away from Chancellor Merkel.

Permalink Gallery Backbench rebels are likely to give Merkel a headache over Europe. Backbench rebels are likely to give Merkel a headache over Europe.

June 7th, Caroline Bhattacharya , current-affairs , Elections, party politics and government across Europe , featured 0 Comments. Permalink Gallery Franco-German cooperation: A compromise between vision and reality?

Franco-German cooperation: A compromise between vision and reality?

Wir müssen handeln: Wendet Euch in Euren Social-Media Kanälen und Fanpages an Euer Publikum. „Mutti“ Angela Merkel sprach heute zu uns und appellierte. Dass es auf dem G7-Gipfel lustig werden würde, war eher nicht zu erwarten – bis zum Pressetermin von Donald Trump und Angela Merkel. Read writing about Angela Merkel in door2door Blog. door2door ermöglicht die Integrierung eigener digitalisierter Ridepooling-Dienste in bestehende. Corona hat europaweit, weltweit in der Kulturbranche große Verluste hinterlassen: abgesagte Konzerte, leere Theatersäle, keine Auftritte für. Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel hat sich in der Bundespressekonferenz den Fragen von Journalistinnen und Journalisten gestellt. Es ging um.


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